the Venetian perils…. forget technology

OK tips for Venice:

  • don’t use multimap or Google maps or Live local to find addresses in Venice – the only people the addresses make sense to are the Venetian postmen. we had a rather entertaining diversion when trying to find our hotel which involved catching the bus (the waterbus) back around the island and then back to walking to within 100m of where we started when the location was described to us by the hotel’s staff. 
  • you’ll get lost, often, and GPS is next to useless as you are essentially wandering around in  the bottom of man made canyons my Fortuna clip on even when using SiRF had no hope. one of the best ways to navigate is to use the sun when you can see it.  when I say lost it’s more of the well how did we end up here I’m sure we were heading to San Marco kind of lost than the OMG where in the hell are we and why are those people staring at us kind of lost, in any case it’s a great way to burn off the gelati calories 
  • if you don’t speak Italian don’t worry everywhere we went there were waiters who spoke English, if you do want to speak Italian you’ll be out of luck and we often had the ridiculous situation of my broken Italian being responded to in broken English and this carrying on for several minutes until I gave up.

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