Yum Yum

I some culinary info on Venice, on the whole the food was great although it lacks the kick of southern Italian cooking. as landlocked Notts folk we revel in the seafood extravaganza that is Venetian cooking however in January you’re limited to staples. we didn’t have a bad meal, although tourist prices are high. we did have some exceptionally good value meals.

the highlights:

  •  My favourite place we ate was the Da Remigio  my Gnocchi starter was fabulous and I had cuttlefish stewed in it’s own ink, YOU MUST BOOK, or turn up early 7.30 or around 9.30 to get one of the few free tables.   To book you are best turning up early  or going in person the day before and asking to book for the night after, this place is popular amongst locals and the food is very good value for the quality.  
  • just next door  is the Osteria Oliva Nera seems to benefit from referrals from quite a few of the higher class hotels so is in the expected price bracket.   The hostess and host Isabella and Dino are excellent at gauging just how much attention their guests crave or shun. there was a family of Australians on the table next to us and Isabella kept them well informed as to the options and gave guidance for dishes and wine, we were left more to ourselves as we knew our way round an Italian menu. I had liver Venetian style which is treated very differently to the veneration it gets in Rome chopped and fried with onions, it’s delicious  and probably the second favourite dish I tried.
  • the next establishment worthy of mention is the  Trattoria da Roberto touristy and busy but great value pizze

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