making sense of mayhem

I’ve installed feeds plus  which Steve Clayton’s blog introduced me to – Steve used to be a regular visitor at my workplace when my Microsoft involvement didn’t warrant any real dialogue,  a colleague mentioned his blog and to be honest that’s really what opened my eyes to blogging, as our account manager, who was a real person,  had metamorphosed into a general commentator on all thinks Microsoft, IT….  oh and Banksy  :)  he’s pretty often off topic, occasionally off message and provides a fairly UK-centric Microsoft view..

feeds plus is an add on for IE7 which frankly is my RSS feed reader ( I tried it in Outlook 2k7 and hated it) and it provides an easy aggregation which means you get to scan all your related feeds on one page – it’s reduced my blog catch up time from an hour to 30 minutes so well worth  the download.

it’ll also give you little desktop reminders a la  Outlook 2k3 onwards

piccies below


3 Responses to making sense of mayhem

  1. […] on the toes of Giants I posted about Feeds plus and I’ve been using it for a few days, it aggregates feeds in IE, it’s […]

  2. hi alasdair

    good to find you out in the blogosphere and thanks for the kind words…i’ll try to drop by the office sometime soon. be good to catch up with you and the guys!



  3. alasdair (fanatical) says:

    hi Steve – rumbled :) you have the dubious pleasure of providing my first comment, good to see you watch your pingbacks. Now the truth of my nom de blog is out, my sister coined the construct and it suits many purposes, from practical to professional and sometimes down right comical

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