exchange 2007 SP1 details – leaked

February 27, 2007

Eileen has the details it seems an evangelist over seas over evangelised, you can tell Eileen was rushed into this as her post is uncharacteristically a little muddled, a more structured post can be found over at EHLO.

it’s still beta and it’s just (officially sanctioned) rumours so be wary but I like the Mobility and OWA enhancements.

lets hope they make it to RTM


Linux fun

February 27, 2007

I thought I’d install Beryl on my ubuntu laptop however when it rebooted  X server died so I had no GUI just a command prompt – no problem ubuntu automatically creates a copy of xorg.conf which is the X windows config file before it allows any script or other program to change the original – to fix it just follow this procedure.

this applies on ubuntu 6.10

Reboot and when you get the GRUB loader screen boot into the Ubuntu, kernel 2. blah blah blah (recovery mode) option

the verbose boot up continues until you get to an option to enter the Root password or hit  ctrl+D to continue, enter the password and  you’ll be logged in as Root. You need to get to the xorg.conf files location.  my machine is called geek so Root@geek:/location/# proceeds all my typings


Root@geek:/# cd /etc/X11

Remember the capital X  nix-alike OS’s are case sensitive x11 is not X11 When you are in the X11 directory type

Root@geek:/etc/X11# dir

if you’ve been piddling around in the system like I have you should have one


and quite a few


where something or other is either the date or something more useful like before-editing-beryl-script hopefully the backup you want should be obvious.

so it’s now the time to replace the corrupt xorg.conf with the last working version.

delete the current corrupted xorg file.

Root@geek:/etc/X11rm xorg.conf

Now we have to rename the back-upped version in order to get the GUI back , type the following:

Root@geek:/etc/X11mv xorg.conf.something-or-other xorg.conf

this should have sorted your problem reboot by typing

Root@geek:/etc/X11shutdown -r now

hopefully when you reboot you should be back in a lovely graphical environment :)

missed a day or two

February 27, 2007

I’ve missed a couple of days blogging, for one reason or another and got to feeling itchy – thankfully things have calmed down a little so I have a little bit of time to catch up – some interesting things going on in the background

My thingamy has encountered a problem and needs to close… please send an error report.

February 23, 2007

especially if you are running Vista and it’s a driver problem.

This is my least favourite message of all because it’s usually accompanied with a tantalising glimpse of the crashed application behind it with the last 10 minutes / hours / days unsaved work captured for a brief moment before being consigned to the ether when I make my choice.

Now I’ve always been a don’t send kind of guy, don’t know why, just have,  however one of Eileen’s comments at the TechNet Roadshow the other day opened my eyes. Eileen’s comment was that whilst Microsoft don’t look at each and every report, if they get 80000 from a single driver issue they do use that to metaphorically beat the vendor over the head with.

so it’s worth adding your little bit of grist to that mill

this is my wow

February 23, 2007

well if it ever drops in price so I can afford it it is


oh and the housing prices and my wife allow me to have a computerised wall….  video after this click

mac v’s oh whatever

February 21, 2007

yet more spoof this time from a couple peeps at

spoof vids here, here and here

unsurprisingly number 2 is my fave

Vista desktop Icons – how to make them smaller

February 21, 2007

OK I like the look of vista more than the teenagers abominable idea of a desktop that was XP and bliss…… ahh look at the purty colours.

However I’ve been head scratching about the mickey mouse size of the icons they’re huge and I hate them – went all the way through personalize (sic) (come on guys I know it’s  the same language but can’t we have regionalised spelling appropriate to the region please?) to no avail and then I looked again – right click on desktop > view

> classic icons…. sanity returns

sometimes you can’t see the trees for the wood

there’s even a large icons option for people with enormous displays or really really bad eyesight

UPDATE:  you can also change the size of the icons by clicking on the desktop and moving the mouse wheel back and forth whilst holding down the left ctrl key ( check out the size they can get to )