crashplan crashed?

I’ve been trying to try crashplan all day, I read about it whilst speed reading my feeds and can’t give the proper attribution so sorry however I have stolen this from.

they’ve  been digged (dugg maybe) and seem to be struggling under the load :(

not a problem as they purport to be an innovative online backup service that uses a friends PC or Mac or soon their Linux box to store an encrypted (phew) backup of your data.

the ideal would be  buy a USB  drive and install it at your backup buddy’s house and be able to recover your data if you have a monumental foul up.

I want to try it – now! all the family have digicams now, even my grandparents, and I’m petrified of the images being lost – here we’re Ok as I have machines all over that I duplicate files on but the idea of a backup trinity between me, my mum and stepdad and the inlaws really appeals.

I want to check how it compresses (if it does) as they’re both on  capped services (not us we have cable from the soon to be virgin media)


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