how to kill piracy?

I saw this post by James Senior about subtle ads for vista hiding in TV show trailers,  sorry James if I saw that ad I’d remember Lost not flip 3d.

To be honest I opened the full post because  for a horrible moment I thought that Microsoft had decided to inject ads into flip 3d ….. now there’s a new way to pay for an OS :) that would kill piracy stone dead.

get our product but don’t pay for it however initially you’ll be exposed to tailored ads when flipping or alt tabbing the frequency of which will decline over time. You can buy the full product at anytime at which time the ads will stop the price will fall the longer you use the product until it reaches a baseline.

I like it – remember I thought of it first


One Response to how to kill piracy?

  1. […] for the time being, providing coverage is what it’s made out to be the T-Mobile offering looks most promising  however surely it can only be a matter of time until someone offers all you can eat data tariffs maybe funded by advertising –  Blyk plan to offer a  (totally ?) free advertising funded mobile network to young people (37 is young right?) which is  a great idea there might be room for a mobile operator to try this with a sponsored browser like good old old Opera (v 5 or less I think ) or something  like this idea I had […]

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