No Voice 2.0 but maybe a Voice 1.75

Tom Evslin suggests that there’ll not be a new killer voice application , and I have to agree as you can’t get more killer than the simple I press this button to talk to you, you press that button to let me talk to you, however he alludes to the wealth of features you can have access to if you could only be bothered.

I’m playing with Asterisk, an open source PABX and I am one of those geeks that likes to tweak and I’m trying to get the app to route calls to my home phone when my mobile has connected to the server through bluetooth and my mobile when the server can’t see me.

Now this is patently a waste of my time (apart from brain work) because here in the UK we have an increasing number of FMC products BT Fusion being the most well known which do this using WiFi or Bluetooth but I want to use my own device of choice and frankly I want to play.

My point is that the internet and open source software opens up a route for me to get clever with my call routing, a fairly complex route that most people won’t bother with but make it easy and they’ll use it.

A few years ago we sold a voice messaging solution that had an auto attendant function with fairly advanced call routing functions. initially the software was command line and telephone keypad driven and every system we installed stayed just as it was but after one or two revisions the interface became GUI and the call routing and administration  of the voice prompts became drag and drop and customers actually began using the system.  likewise we sold a sadly defunct TDM PABX called INDeX made by SDX which provided context sensitive soft keys on every handset with simple English prompts and users actually used their conference and set up diverts.  

give people access to a nice visual way to drag and drop my call routes through the web and I reckon we just might get to Voice 1.75. now I’ve just got to work out how to make some money out of it :)


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