Windows Mobile 6 – What’s New and What’s Cool, the insiders view

Jason has let the cat out of the bag not having had hands on it myself ( trying ) I’ll have to rely on Jason’s comments. the key new features for me are:

Smartfilter I use this in Outlook 2007 all the time, imagine it like the smart dialing function for emails, in Outlook 2007 the feature searches within Microsoft office attachments I’ve asked whether this is the case in WM6. just type in the letters to find the appropriate email and WM6 delivers all the relevant mails to you. this when added to Server Search which allows you to search your whole exchange mailbox from your device.

Storage Card encryption enforcement (and wipe) this is interesting as previously Microsoft suggested that this was a bad thing as not deleting the SD card allowed you to reboot from a recovery card and partially recover the configuration of the device. also no indication of whether an encrypted card becomes a tiny paper weight or can be subsequently accessed to recover data.

Certificates now you can add your own root certificates – hurrah that’s the end of a great deal of pain with certs that don’t work.

IRM (information rights management) essentially business DRM that determines who can read forward copy or paste an email or office document, absolutely fantastic, certainly a step up from password protected documents.

Out of Office at last you can set change and edit your out of office status from the device, IMHO this was always and anomaly and it’s inclusion whilst expected is very welcome

the Biggy as far as I can see is improved IE compatibility with PC not mobile websites – this is fabulous ( if it works). for ages developers have been able to code websites to serve different pages dependent on the device you are using ( see v’s ) however in practice very few apart from mobile oriented sites bothered. this is a great improvement Jason says its tested on major sites, this will be great, added to HSDPA (when Orange get outside of London) at last I’ll have real Internet on the move.

can’t wait, I’ll have to keep pestering Orange for a beta device or two :)


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