More Windows Mobile 6.0 features

just attended the web seminar, that’s right not a webinar :) a web seminar, hosted by Chris Hill  showing a little more of Windows Mobile 6 (standard in the demo), there was a little more detail and some nifty features Jason didn’t include in his highlights, and a couple of hohum moments of course :)

the whole platform was built with a 10-10-10 principle in mind that’s 10 out of ten after 10 minutes and 10 days, Chris certainly seemed enamored.

in summary:


  • Contacts are in an integrated store so no more SIM/Phone whereintheheckisit problems.
  • Call History is integrated with contacts such that if you miss a call a single click gets you to the callers full contact so you can choose how to respond (more of the integration later) also each contact has a mini journal of calls activity
  • AT LAST YOU CAN SEND A CONTACTS DETAILS BY TEXT MESSAGE!!!! so your dimphone users can get contact details from you
  • GAL lookup is improved as you can save the contact to your device after you’ve found them. reducing GPRS costs
  • Contacts show their Windows Live status in the contact list – fab for keeping up with people – however see nolights below
  • OEMs and MSPs get  wizards for email setup etc and as a user you can simply enter your email address and the device queries an online database to download it’s suspected settings. lower support costs for them
  • HTML mail looked great and apparently 80% of business mail is now HTML ( I used to say boo to the bandwidth pirates but you can’t beat something as simple as bold text or bullet points for emphasis )
  • with exchange 2007 you get single click access to sharepoint links (without a VPN and straight out of the box) less IT overhead, great productivity gains and another great argument for sharepoint.
  • also with exchange 2007 you can provide a degree of self service to end users through OWA, they can instigate a remote wipe for themselves if you don’t have 24/7 remote support.
  • attachments and links are viewable whilst downloading so you can check the download is the one you wanted or start working on the file before the file fully downloads – great for GPRS costs and Productivity. this works with Internet Explorer Mobile too, you get the text first then the images on a page. 
  • server search allows you to store a recovered mail locally, again saves GPRS costs and great fro productivity – server search searches to subject and body and was very rapid in the demo over an EDGE connection
  • you can now view meeting attendees & their status in the calendar, you can also interact with them by clicking through to their contact.  


  • no mention of inbound texted contacts – not sure if this works or not – would be nice to at least get a failure notification as opposed to the current deathly silence.
  • Windows Live status  is great however it would be greater if you can see LCS 2005 / office communications server 2007  status as well or instead if we have to, no answer on this as yet. 
  • a point was made about the more vista alike appearance, not sure this is that great, however if they got flip 3d working now there’s a thought.


  • no support for office system 2007 document formats ! – yep you read that right, the biggest combined launch in 12 years and Microsoft miss the goal on the mobile platform, however there will be a free upgrade for WM6 and WM5 devices later this year ‘ when office 2007 is more prevalent’ think of that like a great follow up corner.

Interesting thought:

  • it was stated that

all WM5 devices are technically capable of supporting WM6 as WM6 was built on WM5 platforms,

  • this is really interesting and will cause a ruckus and a half as there’s less justifiable reasons for MSPs and OEMs to withhold the upgrade – watch the fur fly on this one


  • I really really want to get my hands on a WM6 device, the enhancements seem fantastic, the overriding triumph of the platform is the cleaner quicker integration of calendar, messaging and contacts, after all this is what most of us will be using the device for and the way they gel together will really aid productivity.

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