two major announcements from BT – wireless Cities and FMC plus Windows Mobile 6

I’ve alluded to my interest in FMC and Mobility (mainly exchange activesync orientated services tbh) and two announcements from BT are really going to set the cat amongst the  pigeons.

firstly the news today that BT have managed to hit their twelve wirelessly enabled city centres ahead of  their March 2007 target  the cities are :

  • Nottingham (Hurrah – can’t wait to try this out)
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle
  • Portsmouth
  • Sheffield
  • Westminster

now this is great news in itself but add this information regarding a UMA enabled Windows Mobile 6 Standard device and BT really have stolen a march on the opposition.  Mind you the device of choice HP iPAQ 514 (providing it shares this form factor) is no looker (see another view here at unwired), is a little light on memory IMHO and  anyone who rushed to try the SPV M5000 / XDA Exec when WM5 first appeared will never forget that first is not necessarily best.

UMA for the uninitiated is the ability to roam from network to network across different technologies, from WiFi to Cellular and back again, BT’s Fusion and latterly Orange’s Unique are the two most  well known services in the UK.  the performance is variable in my experience with handoffs a little like 3G to 2G and back again but as early adopters it’s a great idea.

now I know you geeks can do this manually but this make it easy for the techno non compos out there and that’s what we need! 

UMA can be a little hit and miss there’s been a distinct lack of UMA devices capable of taking advantage of exchange activesync but this changes all that and I can see a great deal of interest,  as two of our major customers are looking for FMC solutions at the moment.

I’m looking for a Windows Mobile 6 Professional Device mind you as I like my touch screen.  Also UMA on a data card or in data connections would be fantastic.

now the story isn’t all rosy and anyone who’s used a congested Hotspot will know that the broadband superhighway speeds flaunted actually turn into country road behind a tractor kind of experience, but it’s early days yet.

there another considerations particularly security and there are a couple of companies like Netmotion offer intelligent VPN clients that can maintain sessions across and during network transfers so a session is maintained as you roam from Hotspot to Home to Cellular or 3G.

I’m getting the feeling we’re at another tipping point :)


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