More Pressure For Flexible Working

so the UN (UNICEF)  say if you’re a kid in the UK your in the worst position in Europe.  there are some strange measures of poverty, such as if you have no  computer or broadband you’re educationally impoverished, disadvantaged yes but impoverished?.

This is more grist to the Flexible Working Mill as it seems one of the suggested key factors that differentiates us from the rest of Europe is practical parental involvement, if you can be there when your kids come home from school then you can play more of a role in guiding them.  Beverley Hughes comments have been cited again as good positive thinking as flexible working allows you to choose when and where you work, be at home, take a few hours off when the kids come home to interact and make up the time when they’re in bed then  the world would be a happier place.

now it’s not actually this simple, however the ability to choose the where and when of how you work actually does improve your home life, and a happier home life leads to less stress and more productivity.


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