taken the Vista plunge

and to Vista business edition from XP Pro on my VTE machine.


frankly VBE is what most people will be exposed to at work, it wasn’t too bad, after upgrade the results were:

a couple of fatally incompatible apps

PCanywhere 11.5, (in-law and parent support) symantec say we’ll get round to sorting it soon,  , when we can be bothered, in the next version sometime in 2007. expected as the advisor told me so.

the vista upgrade advisor itself (made me laugh)

VMware workstation 5.5 – you need 6.0 beta which is fine, but beta. no mention of this as being incompatible but refused to run under ‘ Windows 6’.

hardware wise I have doubts about the designJet 10PS we have (not tested yet) and the advisor discovered a  venerable scanner I didn’t recollect connecting to this machine.

the machine is of fairly modest specs an ASUS Pundit AH1-P1 barebones with a Gig of RAM and a 3200+ AMD 64 CPU, a 250 GByte SATA HDD (incidentally the XP boot coughed on the SATA and had to be reset to see the boot disk, not any more) the GPU is an onboard Nvidia 6150 with 128Mbytes shared RAM and runs Aero no problems, overall rating is a 3.0 – I’ll post the piccy later.

I’ve had RC2 on for a while so looking forward to testing the RTM.

loving search, just loving it.


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