The Feature I can’t do without

had a minor tech disaster yesterday, which could have curtailed my working from home, when I logged on I had the disconcerting message that Windows could not load my local profile, it appears that NTUser.dat had become corrupted, anyway. had to talk to IS to get their agreement (my notebook is their baby after all)  I simply logged on as local admin and renamed my profile folder and logged back in again. this was fine and got me on a working machine a little Spartan in appearance, however I’d temporarily lost all my favorites, feeds, settings and whizbang little programs I can’t do without.

I undertook a bit of a Windows XP Life Laundry in reverse, putting back the things I really need.

this is what I did

  1. Get rid of Bliss and go for windows classic theme with most prettiness turned off but with cleartype and the XP style start menu.
  2. get connected to exchange (using RPC over HTTPS, or Outlook anywhere as we have been calling it long before Microsoft) , not a particular problem as I was up to date (AUTD) with my Windows Mobile Device.

    The biggest pain was when outlook 2007 and Windows Search commenced the reindexing of my mailbox I now know I never ever ever want to go back to coping without smartfilter again, not never.  For the hour or so it took to build the index I was technologically crippled, did I ever poopoo the importance of search? .

    I can’t wait to try smartfilter on Windows Mobile 6

  3. install the rest of Office 2007 (the apps were there but my preferences and identity weren’t )
  4. Install Office Communicator, and Live messenger need to know what everyone else is up to.
  5. Install Live writer Beta, obviously
  6. install Feedsplus aggregation is absolutely vital, and then went through my feeds, I’ve created a priority folder with a handful of feeds in them, I’ll share the priority club on my blogroll.
  7. sort out my offline folders, as they’d disappeared took a bit of faffing which I haven’t the time to share at the mo.

then got back on with my work, only an hour later than planned, at roughly the time I would have arrived at the office in a foul mood because of the traffic anyway.

just goes to show self service at home works for the geek at least.

……. eek just realised all my autocorrect entries have gone, that claims back a bit of the productivity CESG# used to mean Computer and Electronic security Group, oh heck, oh and outlook not checking mail before it’s sent by default very nearly got me in trouble ;)

the feature I can’t do without – smartfilter, well proper search in general so I think I’m going to love Vista


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