how old are you?

chris is old me too but actually I’m now relabeled as al classic or classical who knows?? anyway a good way to track how old you are is throw a few characters from kids TV in and see who smiles and who looks puzzled.

in no particular order ( and you’ll get the idea)

  • little old lady
  • Hartley
  • pocoyo (yes)
  • pootle
  • penfold ( a personal favourite)
  • the mice on the mouse organ and Gabriel
  • the soup dragon
  • finistaire the dog
  • gonzo (see penfold)
  • pingu
  • the DORIS – who knows how to protect themselves?
  • muran buchstansangur
    (the spiritual twin of Norbert dentressangle)
  • if you’re hardcore you’ll recognise the phrase
    no bwian is no hedge piggly
  • yoffi
  • Mr peavley
  • penrod pooch
  • parsley
  • Ludwig
  • the shopkeeper
  • berk and the thing upstairs
  • the moog
  • I can cheat and throw in charley the cat

at some point and through P2P most of this stuff will come around again my sisters teenage boyfriend is a Megadrive fanboy and poo pooed me when I asked 16 or 32 bit … 16 bit all the way


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