local delights

I live in Sherwood  a  sub suburb of Nottingham a little run down in places but a great community and very non threatening.

we have some lovely local shops, the best coffee and cocoa and chocolate shop ever is the general store  properly passionate and fantastic coffee, I’m  blending Sumatran beans with Brazilian bad boys… mmmmm

for farm assured meat beedhams, a 3rd generation Hungarian butchers that  provides fantastic sausages and cured and smoked meats of many varieties, the Magyar sausages aren’t as coarse as I remember in Budapest but tasty, very tasty, quality meats of all sorts and if you want smoked or cured you will not do better than here.

by the way .. and don’t tell anyone …. rumour is that Beedhams supply this chap.

[EDIT] it’s not a rumour Johnny Pusztai at  J  T Beedham does supply Sat Bains and Johnny’s ham was featured in the great british menu in Sat’s Starter. interest is growing from other food officianados and the clientele at Beedhams is becoming an ecletic mix of locals and vistors all seeking great british food.  it’s a great place for a chat of a Saturday morning.  

a quote from Sat at the competition :

“One of the most important compliments for me as a chef was someone like Pierre Gagnaire saying ‘Sat, the duck egg had technique, innovation but still had its core, which was brilliant produce’.”

for fruit and veg, some organic, all good quality and great value go to the Thompson brothers on Haydn Rd you’ll get three times what you’d get in the supermarket, get served by  a person, get recipe ideas and an all round good craic – exactly what local shopping should be all about.


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