UAC – user account control – yay or nay?


If you don’t know what UAC is then you’re obviously not using Vista. UAC is the:  (Delete as applicable:)   useful/helpful/annoying/frustrating feature that reminds you when you are just about to do something important to your Vista system.

If you routinely login as  a member of the administrator group you may find this a little frustrating, as it asks you to confirm you want to do,  everything you’d routinely log in as an administrator to do.

you’ll notice here that as I’m logged in in this instance as an administrator it’s not asking me to elevate my privileges ( I already have the appropriate rights) but it is asking me if I really want to do what it is I’m trying to do ( adding windows components for instance)

you do get a hint you’re about to see the warning BTW


the little icon above shows you need to be an administrator to perform the function.

You can turn it off if you like in the security policy editor but I quite like it, allegedly if you enable THE ‘administrator’ account you don’t see this.

if you aren’t an administrator you get asked for a user name and password to an account that is before you can proceed.

I used to love this when using Linux distros in a GUI,  it’s most valuable use is to prevent something you didn’t expect like malware to alter your system.

In Linux as in this instance it’s designed to allow you to perform important tasks and test the  outcome in   a regular users account without the pain of logging out and logging in as an admin it’s a graphical runas. 

I always used to login as an admin under XP as too many apps needed admin rights of some description but with this  feature I’m just any old user. add the fact that through Vista Microsoft are forcing sloppy coders to stop putting things where they shouldn’t and all is getting rosier.

I could be an admin but I’d leave UAC in place, I’m not an admin because you get click happy and don’t  actually read what’s asking for permission after a while.  

I can’t wait to get this on my father-in-laws machine ;)


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