My thingamy has encountered a problem and needs to close… please send an error report.

especially if you are running Vista and it’s a driver problem.

This is my least favourite message of all because it’s usually accompanied with a tantalising glimpse of the crashed application behind it with the last 10 minutes / hours / days unsaved work captured for a brief moment before being consigned to the ether when I make my choice.

Now I’ve always been a don’t send kind of guy, don’t know why, just have,  however one of Eileen’s comments at the TechNet Roadshow the other day opened my eyes. Eileen’s comment was that whilst Microsoft don’t look at each and every report, if they get 80000 from a single driver issue they do use that to metaphorically beat the vendor over the head with.

so it’s worth adding your little bit of grist to that mill


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