Blurring the UMPC / PC / Windows Mobile Line

I’m planning a post displaying my accumulated mobility solutions, I’d have liked to finished  the roll of honour with my Orange M3100 (HTC TyTn) but it’s not quite there yet. the new HTC Advantage X7500 is really Blurring the line although it seems to me that it’s still to big, the SPV M5000 /  XDA executive was the first Windows Mobile 5 device  I saw and it was just too big (they don’t know they’re born) to hold comfortably to your face.  The but you can use a Bluetooth headset  argument has been trotted out but they’re still viewed as being a bit Nathan Barley IMHO, I suppose the X7500 will suffer in the same way . the specs are impressive mind you

with a 624 MHz Intel PXA270 and an ATi graphics accelerator supporting a 5″ touch sensitive TFT, 128 Mbytes RAM and an 8 GByte disk drive ( yes 8 GBytes) 3 Mpxl camera  and HSDPA capable. the only down side it’s only Windows Mobile 5 so I won’t be comfortable in recommending it without caveats until an official statement on Windows Mobile 6 support is forthcoming.

despite that it’ll be on my wish list

these devices start to blur the line however it remains to be seen if the functionality lives up to the hype, I like the pocket versions of Office but they are touch up rather than authoring tools, I for one will need my laptop for the foreseeable future.


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