BT, Microsoft, Avaya Software as a Service

and lots of other things as a service besides

David Overton posted about ZD Nets report on an initiative between BT and Microsoft to provide an online market place for hosted applications this is doubly interesting as the ability to tap into big office power in a small or no office environment is very seductive to the smaller business.

Microsoft already seem to be making noises about hosted exchange and office and the office live platform shows great potential.

there’s a raft of hosted voice services out there and some  technologies we use,  allow information workers to work on an telephone extension as if they’re in the office from home,  here, there and indeed everywhere.

add this from BT regarding BT Avaya onNet which is a hosted contact centre application that allows agents to be anywhere and you’re getting to the point where you can deploy all the applications you can think of needing in an office to where ever you want them without massive initial outlay.

this is more grist to the flexible working and flexible operations mills.

the problem remains that collaboration is still difficult, however I’ve been using Office Groove 2007 – I’ll post more later but this is great, the best kept secret since outlook anywhere.


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