M3100 as a Bluetooth 3G modem

My M3100 is not broken – something I installed broke Dial Up Networking

I had a suspicion that fit4cat’s Hermes tweak app may have broken my DUN so I started by removing that from my M3100 – to no avail

I could have removed apps one by one but I thought I’d bite the bullet and go for the full hard reset and rebuild until I broke it again to find the offending app 

I started by hard resetting my M3100 and after going through the interminable setup screens (why can’t I skip them) and the customisation I was left with a vanilla- ish albeit Orange customised  PDA.

I started bluetooth and made the M3100 visible to others, then went to the wireless modem app in accessories on the PDA and started the bluetooth modem.

I then went to my notebook bluetooth settings, paired the m3100 and lo and behold DUN appeared as a service –

so it was something I’d installed

I ticked it and XP detected a standard bluetooth modem over serial link#2. ( I have my c600 DUN on there for good old GPRS usage)

when the modem is installed go to phones and modems and access the new  properties of the new modem, in  the advanced tab insert this string


(change orangeinternet to your APN)

Orange instructions:

then go to dial up networking create a new entry, use the standard bluetooth modem created as part of the m3100 detection and set the username and password to be blank and change the telephone number to *99#

you should then be able to use this DUN shortcut to get on the web at 3G speeds – HSDPA if you are lucky to be in an enabled area in  London.


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