new essential Windows Mobile 5.0 app

Backup and Restore – well nearly

I’ve got to hard reset my SPV M3100, in an attempt to fix my Bluetooth Dial up Networking.

I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to test a couple of backup and restore programs, it’s going to go anyway so I might as well see if I can get it back

taking a lead from Jason I  installed SPB backup, and spritesoftware backup v1.1.5 both trial software but I think I’ll be keeping one of them.

SPB Backup:

installed pretty easily – standard add and remove programs stuff, and  is pretty skinny on the device at 1115 kbytes.

when you run a backup you get the option to

  • perform a full backup 
  • perform a custom one choosing from any or all of PIM Data, emails, My Docs, System Data, Network and Storage Card!!! (mines a 2Gbyte one so not sure how many days that would take).
  • or schedule a backup

you get to choose the location and the backup is an exe file that will restore without the app installed on your device (of course)

the system soft resets after the backup and when it recovers

the backup of a 54 Mbytes Image takes just 14 Mbytes and after the hard reset restores the device effortlessly. 

you can also download a desktop app that allows you to recover files from within a backup – nice touch

Sprite Software Backup:

the trial has an annoying desktop setup wizard that demands a serial – disappointing tbh

the PDA app runs pretty  well although it’s a 3Mbyte install, the app resets the system before the backup, presumably to clear the memory and requests an access password by default. 

When complete the backup occupies 17 Mbytes

I got quite a few errors – mainly to do with IE cache files some to do with volc files whose purpose became apparent

when you restore the system you get the opportunity to do a full or partial restore after which the system resets.

bad news is it kills voice command :(

based on footprint, ease of use and handy desktop app I’m going to buy SPB backup, I’ll use it when rebuilding my PDA to take restore points before installing the next potentially DUN breaking app.


2 Responses to new essential Windows Mobile 5.0 app

  1. pp4anything says:

    Hi ,

    I have been doing testing with both Sprite Backup and Spb. Well there is no doubt that Spb is easy to use, but it seems that Sprite work better for me. Same to Spb, with Sprite Backup you can

    # perform a full backup ( Sprite has Basic mode and Advance mode which give you more options to customise your backup)
    # perform selective backup, to choose what you would like to include in the backup , such as Emails, My Documents, PIM files, System file.
    # schedule a backup (You can even customer you scheduled backup with Sprite Backup)

    Moreover, Sprite provides a tool called PC Agent, so you can run a backup or a restore from your PC. At the same time, you can also use the Advanced Mode to run a backup or a restore from your PC on your device. I have to say it is the really good feature from Sprite Backup. It is known that the Setup Wizard will not run without the authorization code in the trial version. However, it will not affect any backup operations on your device or from PC.

    I am not sure what error you get when you run a backup with Sprite on your device. For me Sprite works flawless(I have got I-mate Kajam, I-mate Sp5), and I was told that Sprite provide really good online support service for free. You may want to send them a query to ask what cause the backup failure on your device.

    I have been using Spb for while on my K-jam device(Spb does not work for smart phones), it works quiet good until I upgrade grade the ROM of my device. The restore did not work. Then I ve found the information from their site indicates that Spb can not restore a backup make before ROM Upgrade at all. It is quiet disappointing.

    Sprite Backup do provide a unique feature called Upgrade Mode Restore, it can help you restore a backup file when you upgrade the ROM of your device or changing to a new device as long as the devices stays in the same OS , and it worked for me( even through I have only used it once:).

    So I recon that Sprite Backup is a excellent backup tool to use, and I am happy to use it.


  2. fanatical says:

    hi pp4anything – firstly thanks very much for your feedback

    I saw the pc agent tool trying to restore when I installed sprite however as you said it needed a serial code (which was not included in the trial) so I’ve obviously missed out on a key piece of the software. I’m a firm believer in using software how the average joe would and I think most people would trial it first.

    To avoid dissapointment software vendors should clearly indicate what features of an application are unavailable in the trial and it sounds like I’ve missed out on a key one.

    With the upgrade from Windows Mobile 5.0 to Windows Mobile 6 imminent (I don’t have insider information on whether the TyTn / m3100 / Hermes will be upgradeable) the restore after ROM seems like a feature worth re-examining.

    SPB backup can perform scheduled and partial backups as well, and there’s a desktop agent of sorts called the unpack tool

    The errors I had were around volc files which I think are to do with voice commander which I only occasionally use (maybe SPB backup just didn’t report the problem but it may be that it does something after reset to backup those files) sprite did definately break it though.

    for the purposes of a full evaluation I might dip into my pockets and buy both to give them a proper production assessment.

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