SPV M3100 Bluetooth Modem trouble = time for a hard reset.

How to Hard reset the Tytn / Hermes / SPV M3100 and an aide memoir for me to get back to my preferred apps.

Still having problems with my SPV, the Microsoft Bluetooth stack allows me to  pair with the device but doesn’t return any services when you browse the paired SPV so I can’t get a dial up networking connection so No HSDPA at the moment :( .

I’ve tried it with another notebook with a widcomm Bluetooth stack and I get OBEX push and audio gateway but still no DUN.

I’m going to try a hard reset (press and hold the context sensitive keys below the screen and press the reset button – you get a screen with a warning and an instruction to press the QWERTY R key to restore the manufacturers defaults or X not to )   which is more radical than clearing the user storage.

I want to record the apps I’ve installed so I can recover them quickly – it takes me a few weeks to get a desktop or a palmtop just how I like it.

the apps I have in no particular order are :

TomTom Navigator 5 5 : had fun with this one recently (more later)

Memory Map Pocket Navigator : I’ve got the 1:25000 map of the lakes and the peak district permanently installed on my SD card.

both these are used with my Fortuna Clip-on GPS one for the car one for on foot or two wheels.

PocketBreeze from sbsh software a great today screen aggregator of lots of useful information right where I need it

SPB pocket plus – and SPB weather two handy little today screen apps a launcher and status display tool and a five day weather forecast ( Nottingham – home and Dorset and Wester Ross where the family has cottages )

Cambridge vxUtil a great little set of network tools.

Resco file explorer and registry editor : an improvement on the native explorer and every geek needs something to rummage in the registry.

office communicator mobile – extends LCS presence to your mobile device – enough said.

onenote mobile – just started using onenote to take notes in meetings – interesting attitudes to this (again more later) you’re prompted to install the app the first time you connect a device ( each and every device) after you’ve installed OneNote.

z2 pocketlan – an application that allows you to see and access network shares from your PDA.

pcanywhere mobile : support tool of choice in our household as it allows you to see what the other party is doing wrong – much more useful as an education tool than remote desktop which allows you to fix problems but not explain to the errant party just what they were doing wrong.

NSI CrE-ME : proper Java for IE mobile – I have a couple of cameras I like to access from my PDA.

ateksofts Webcamera plus which allows you to use your inbuilt camera as a webcam in apps like skype and live messenger.

hopefully all will go well – I’ll post an update later, failing that the M3100 is going back as busted.


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