technology Jam

the perils of using a popular SATNAV

I have TomTom Navigator 5.0 on my PDA and I use their traffic plus service to avoid Jams on route which to be honest is a little variable but mostly useful.

TomTom is great,  when you get held up you can hit the avoid roadblock icon and the gizmo does the rest.,

On the way back from Manchester recently I hit traffic,  punched the magic button and was off down the back streets, at one point there was grass in the centre of the road ( it’s an adventure ) and then more  traffic – about twenty cars queuing to get out of a side road onto an A road.

I was surprised and thiught I’d got caught up in some farmers secret cabal and then I noticed that all the cars I could see had a tomtom of some description on the windscreen.

a TomTom Jam and within five nimutes half a dozen further tomtom equipped cars had joined the queue behind me.

Technology in action eh?


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