Daylight Saving Time Changes on Windows Mobile Devices

Make sure your Windows Mobile device is ready for changes to DST in  the USA

By now everyone will have heard about the changes to daylight savings time in the US Jason Blogged about this and  a way to tweak the windows mobile registry to accommodate the changes back in December but those helpful chaps at Microsoft have published a page with all the details and a handy little Daylight saving tool that automates the progress that Jason outlines   (I’m not linking directly as you should read the page first) it’s a cab file  [correction it’s an msi but there is a link to download the CABs later on the page] so you don’t need to use activesync but it’s easier if you  do

remember if you’re running Windows Mobile 6 then the changes are already incorporated. no mention of pre Windows Mobile 2003 devices so I assume they are not supported – I’ll check later

I’ve installed it on both my M3100 and c600 with no ill effects however your device will reboot after applying the patch.

if you need to run it on multiple devices then don’t rerun the desktop application as it will only offer you the repair or remove options, you need to add it via activesync’s add or remove programs or copy the cab file and run it from the device

by the way the CAB is not signed (DOH)

you don’t need to do this if you never envisage going to the states with a pre Windows Mobile 6 device but I have,  as you never know!

UPDATE: there’s no option to download a CAB for to anything before Windows Mobile 2003 and the program does not appear in the add remove programs dialogue  the 2003 CAB does not work on a 2002 / CE 3 device.

UPDATE 2: one of my devices was previously manually patched and it worked without removing the original update


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