Using the SPV M3100 as a Bluetooth Modem under Vista

step by step illustrated walkthrough of how to set the Hermes / Tytn / M3100  up as a Bluetooth 3G modem  on Orange under Vista Business

I’m assuming you’ve got a Bluetooth enabled device – I was quite pleased that my old Dlink DBT-120 still works natively under Vista Business

first of all pair your device go to Bluetooth devices

hit add

make sure the tick box is ticked 

before you press next on the M3100 go to the wireless modem app in programs>accessories hit menu and then APN settings, check that the Preset GPRS connections tick box is ticked and the Access Point Name field is set to orangeinternet. OK out of that and select Bluetooth from the connection type drop down and then hit menu > start

now press next on the PC Bluetooth Wizard

the Vista Machine detects the available devices

select the M3100 and hit Next

select your own passkey and hit next

select the newly added M3100 and hit properties select services and ensure the DUN service tick box is ticked

Vista will install the drivers for the bluetooth modem, now we need to go to the Network and Sharing Center hit the start button and type network an in  the search box

this will find the N&SC  –

select it and then select set up a connection or network

select set up a dial-up connection and hit next

the number is *99# and the username and password are blank  – hit connect the machine should hopefully connect via the M3100

you might have to change the AT string of the modem – to do this go back to the phone and modem options panel – open the start menu and type phone and modem in the search pane navigate to the modems pane

select properties


if you navigate through the tabs like you would under XP you can’t change anything – you need to go through UAC – click change settings – deal with the UAC prompt navigate to advanced and fill in the extra initialisation commands with


I didn’t need to do this, in fact it didn’t work with this string on my M3100 but a friend did need it. 

to connect subsequently make sure the bluetooth modem is started on the M3100 (through the wireless modem app) 

hit the start button, hit connect to and select your connection – speeds seemed a little slow for 3G when I used it so any feedback would be welcomed


2 Responses to Using the SPV M3100 as a Bluetooth Modem under Vista

  1. Ash says:

    Totally perfect article, thanks. You should contact Orange to use this blog as they have no idea……my DUN on Vista with my upgraded WM6 M3100 is now working perfectly (with the extra AT commands)

    Thanks again


  2. Jon Hillyer says:

    Excellent article, it really helped as (with the upgrade to vista) I’ve lost the ability to connect to my SPV3100 via USB.

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