Chris Hates Vista a little less than he did yesterday

Absent minded pundits of the world unite

Chris is going back to Mostly Vista and using VMware to run XP…..  are we all so absent minded that we can’t remember the pain of upgrading to XP? sure XP was more 2000 alike than Vista is XP alike and we could bodge the drivers to a greater extent but I had all sorts of pain and had to upgrade a venerable graphics card and throw away a laser printer.

actually to be honest in RC 1 & 2 I was bodging logitech drivers – they worked eventually,  when I told Vista where they lived. I’ve not got my DesignJet 10PS to work under Vista but I run VPC 2007  (free) and can IP print happily from XP in that environment.

come on people find something worthwhile to worry about, don’t like it?  don’t do it,  but like Chris once you’ve tasted Vista you’ll never want to lose it 


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