3G Coverage in the UK ….. news… well sort of

Domestic Roaming is coming to the UK

after my recent post regarding 3G / HSDPA coverage in the UK I’ve heard from a fairly reliable source that two of the major mobile operators in the UK are about to announce a roaming agreement whereby their subscribers can use each others 3G networks.

I can’t reveal any details as the press announcement is imminent but as soon as I can I’ll discuss this more.

No information on the sales model as yet  so no idea if subscribers will experience premium pricing when roaming (but based on recent EU rulings I doubt the collaborators will want to reopen that debate). No information on the technicalities either – I’ll look forward to how the process will work in practice. 

This kind of arrangement is common in US markets but it’s a departure for the UK operators who for the most part have jealously guarded their own estates.

it’s interesting because the argument swings back to value added services for these operators at least, wonder if we’ll see the other operators trying to form alliances? knowing the two participants in this I’m not sure the other MSPs will be able to compete.


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