Comfortable Communications

the next generation … rule the nation … with communication

if you can name the song and artist parodied above you deserve another none existent prize :)

I am constantly amused by my wife’s reluctance to use the telephone, it stems from her family not installing one until her mid teens. blame the delightful Cumbrian habit of visiting people rather than using an apparatus to communicate.

more on my crusade for actual messaging (AM) later

I’m convinced that corporate communication media are determined by the pre vocational activities of the users. let me give you a few examples.

In my parents life before work they would have routinely written letters to friends this would be their media of choice , at work they would still write letters they  would be using the telephone but they wouldn’t trust it – everything needed to be confirmed in writing

In my life before work I would use the telephone to call friends, I was the first person in my circle of friends to own a mobile phone, consequently I prefer the telephone as an immediate form of communication.  in my early work life we had that curious diversion called fax but we only used that to confirm things or pass on details too difficult or voluminous to efficiently communicate by voice alone.

by the way In my opinion this is the way email should be used (email bombardiers take note) email tends to be the medium most other people rely on, it’s a great way for people to absolve their responsibility;  a way  for your average ctrl+F merchant to absolve themselves of duty by stating but I’ve emailed him  with that info. 

In some ways the fact that everyone knows I can get email anywhere makes things worse not better I  tend to see email abused rather than used properly,  introducing terrible inefficiently but I’ll let  Itzy provide some tips oh how to do things better and maybe grab my attention. 

If you want to communicate information to the masses, blog, it’s far more efficient at the end of the day as you avoid invisible duplication of responses  

my little sister (nearly 16) uses the phone , her mobile is on all the time, she is constantly contactable by me.  but she prefers IM, she uses it on her mobile, at home in her bedroom and pretty much anywhere she can log on to it.  she uses presence information and social networking through her myspace site unconsciously, I know if I want a response to hi kidder what have you been up to? that extends beyond I dunno stuff  I have to use windows live messenger

This is her medium of choice, in a few months her generation will be working and demanding their unconscious medium be available to them.

funnily enough she’s not too comfortable with video, it’s still a conscious effort to use it, maybe we’ll have to wait another generation before we’re routinely using video communication, maybe I’ll have some grey hairs by then?


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