Vodafone announce a new flat rate roaming data tariff and reveal Wholesale data rates

unlimited* daily rate for roaming Vodafone users & new Lower wholesale prices

Vodafone have announced an unlimited*  (well read 50 Mbytes a day) data tariff for their subscribers when roaming onto Vodafone owned networks abroad.  pay €12 per day or 24 hour period (dependent on the Vodafone network you are roaming on) with no setup cost for the tariff  . Exceed the limit and your normal roaming charges will apply. this is only available to mobile data enabled laptop users at the moment, I’d not be surprised to see a special offer for punters purchasing a SIM-on-board notebook

 and no name for the tariff as yet.

What’s also interesting is the new reciprocal wholesale tariffs Vodafone are proposing. this is Vodafone laying down the big red gauntlet to other European operators saying if you give us these tariffs on your network you can have them on ours.

they’re pretty aggressive

  • for small sessions of up to a maximum of 200 Kb of data, the charge will be a maximum of €0.50
  • for sessions above 200 Kb, the rate will be €0.50 per Mb.

this should enable Vodafone and it’s competitors to provide very attractive retail prices across Europe. it might be some of the background info to this news and might mean that the retail price of roamed minutes can be kept at your usual rate.

Vodafone will be launching both schemes on 1st July

this is a really great piece of news for roaming users in Europe, it’s an example of Vodafone really pushing against the received wisdom  of the marketplace.

I’d suggest it’s because the content Vodafone offer on Vodafone live is where they see their revenue coming from and if you can access that as cheaply whilst out of the country as you can at home why wouldn’t you.

add that to rapidly expanding HSDPA coverage and frankly we’re all winners


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