how to get Groove

stop banging on about it and tell me how I get it

Office Groove 2007 can be purchased as a standalone product for around £150 + VAT

it’s also available as part of the Office 2007 Enterprise and Ultimate bundles

you can of course get the Groove trial, at first it appears you can’t create a workspace and unless you know someone who has a full copy  you’re stuck however , there’s an unannounced bug which I  found out about over on the groove advisor blog, you actualy can create workspaces under the trial but you need to :

restart Groove before you are able to get out of “RFM” (reduced functionality mode) and start creating workspaces.  Unfortunately, there isn’t any warnings to help clue you in to the problem.  Don’t just close the Groove window, you actually need to right click on the Groove icon in your system tray and chose “Exit”.  Then manually start Groove up again from your programs menu.

what are you waiting for?

NOTE : this post was edited on 12th May to assist searchers in finding a solution to the apparent can’t create workspace under groove 2007 trial issue – prior to this edit if you performed a  Google search  for ‘can’t create workspace Groove 2007 trial’ reading the Google summary made it appear that this post was confirming that you can’t create work spaces within the trial – in  the interests of getting as many people as possible to see the power of Groove I’ve edited the post to remove the confusion – if the solution or this edit was helpful please leave a comment below.



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