HTC enter the UMPC Market

revealed the HTC shift

I posted earlier this month about the HTC Advantage and how it was blurring the line between UMPC and  HTC’s traditional Windows Mobile Output – it’ll be coming to your local UK retailer sometime in April and I was all up for getting one for a showcase  I I’m organising.

HTC have now firmly leapt across that line by announcing the Shift nothing on the EMEA sites but the US press release suggests that it’ll be here in Q3.  no details on specs apart from a 7″ touchscreen display, a 30Gbyte HDD, WiFi and HSDPA support……

oh and it runs Vista Business – the product page shows Flip 3d which needs Aero so there must be a pretty natty GPU under the bonnet.


specs are vague, and will be announced nearer to launch which is a bit worrying, also there’s no in the hand pictures which makes a cynic like myself a bit suspicious.

that said it looks like a cracking bit of kit and thankfully HTC are not known for their Vapourware, it’ll beat the OQO series if that keyboard is a good to use as it is good looking. Battery life and swappability are going to be key.

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