Cisco Add 3G HSDPA to their Integrated Services Router portfolio

ISRs to get 3G and HSDPA support through an HWIC card

Cisco announced on Tuesday that they have added 3G and CDMA  support to their 2m installed ISR routers, the modular 1800, 2800 and 3800 series routers can accept the card in an available HWIC slot.

There are two variants the GSM version HWIC-3G-GSM and the CDMA  unsurprisingly the HWIC-3G-CDMA, I’ll look at the 3G version which adds quad-band (well quin band) GPRS, EDGE and HSDPA support to the Cisco range.

The EDGE support is particularly interesting as Orange’s EDGE network coverage in the UK is surprisingly good.


A quick look at the HWIC itself shows that it’s a sierra wireless card under the bonnet, there’s no external SIM slot so this has to be preinstalled,  ( a bit of a shame as you need to know the most appropriate operators in an area at deployment)

The HWIC-3G-GSM supports external antennae options with  a supported cable up to 15m long so would be ideal for some of our rapid deployment solutions.

Currently only a single instance of an HWIC-3G is supported in a chassis.

the press release mentions AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless  as partners, which is understandable in the states as you can’t buy GSM kit without a contract.

The release also mentions Telefónica Móviles España which is more worrying as the European Market allows you to purchase equipment independently of a contract, I just hope that Cisco will not be following the Linksys policy of tying their kit to a manufacturer as Linksys have with the WRT54G3G which only works with Vodafone branded cards, unless you get involved in significant remodeling of the Linux firmware.

The HWIC-3G-GSM is a great addition to the Cisco portfolio and will give real flexibility and mobility for temporary installations, WAN backup and wireless high speed connectivity for rapid deployments.

the installation guide  can be found here

go link:

the brochure can be found here which contains  the dubious Marketing douplespeak

serves as a high-quality alternative to traditional wireline services,

Wireline is surely just combining two words that have the same meaning  to produce a marketing term that has none?

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