Groove and Sharepoint one happy family

how Groove security plays with Sharepoint Security

over  at the Groove advisor blog there’s a great post on how the user permissions in a Groove workspace interact with the security on a sharepoint site when using the sharepoint files tool in a Groove Workspace.

it’s an interesting read and throws up something to be aware of when using the sharepoint files tool:

as the synchroniser of a sharepoint files tool you must be aware that although the permissions of the Groove Workspace control who edits the content within the sharepoint tool in Groove, when you synchronise the sharepoint tool with the sharepoint document library  it will be your details indicated as the editor of the content within Sharepoint, rather than the member of the groove workspace who originally edited the document in Groove.

this makes sense (it’s the only way it could work) however it may cause a few headaches in an audit trail, particularly if the Groove workspace is broken down after the final editing of the content.

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