OWA, Vista, IE7 & me

Microsoft have broken OWA on Vista & IE7 , so here’s how you fix it

OWA (Outlook Web Access) has long been a tool for those of us that have a need to check emails on the move, get web access, get email. Lately OWA has been superceded in my armoury by Outlook Anywhere ( I prefer the Rich client experience) but I had the occasion to use it at the weekend when at a friends house. 

BTW OWA on Exchange 2007 is getting closer to the rich client experience, anyway.

My friend has taken the plunge and gone all vista-ified and lo and behold when using OWA on Vista and with IE7 because of the removal of DHTML editing (which OWA requires) you are presented with the following unedifying screen when you try and compose  or edit an email.



This happens with unpatched systems running Exchange 2000 or 2003.

I’d forgotten all about this as, as I said I tend to use Outlook Anywhere but the IE blog posted about this last year and it’s obviously becoming a recurrent problem as they’ve reiterated the post and detailed the solution more recently

To quote the post

The update does not require a reboot of the Exchange server and will fully enable OWA to work for clients using IE7 in Windows Vista. If you run into this problem, we highly recommend that you contact your Exchange 2000/2003 administrator to make sure they have installed this update.

I’ve already contacted the Exchange admin to rectify the problem this might help any of you people out there with a similar issue.

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2 Responses to OWA, Vista, IE7 & me

  1. Amurf says:

    The problem is that when you apply this patch, and you try to send, reply or forward an e-mail, IE7 crashes and you have to restart it. So without patch red cross, tih the patch IE7 crashes. Any answers to that?

    Best Regards

  2. David Gray says:


    Your problem is caused by an issue on the exchange server. It only occurs when using IE7 on Vista. There is a better explanation and fix here:


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