Blyk to use Orange for it’s Network

Free mobile network operator announces MVNO deal with Orange I mentioned Blyk in passing a few weeks back  as an interesting slant on a way to finance a mobile network it, today Blyk announced that it has signed an MVNO deal with Orange, essentially Blyk customers will be using Orange’s network for their calls /texts / mobile web access. Now Orange is one of the partners in the deal I posted about earlier, but this isn’t that deal. Blyk offer a really interesting model for mobile access, one based on advertising that’s specifically targeted at younger users and provides real time feedback to those advertisers. it’s a very interesting concept, although there’s no detail of exactly how these adverts will be delivered, a Zenzui alike interface with peripheral ads  would be very interesting. I’m guessing more power dialed type prerecorded adds and location based text offers but they’ll have to be relatively unobtrusive or why would you put up with them, those I know that sit in the Blyk demographic are less not more patient with this kind of stuff. This  model should it succeed would be very interesting to another content channeller looking to develop their own phone …. like Google maybe. technorati tags: , , ,


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