Network Adapter Proritisation on Vista

How to make sure you’re connecting by the best means possible

Location independent workers routinely connect via WiFi or 3G when roaming around the countryside, however when you come into the office you won’t necessarily be connected by the fastest means possible.

Like James O’Neill‘s – the Vista man –  our hotdesks have  one of those old fangled wire thingies yet my notebook decides to connect by WiFi or occasionally both WiFi and Wire (confusing to the poor beast) this obviously means you might be chugging along at shared WiFi speeds when you could have that lovely switched connection  all to yourself.

James has posted a great tip on how to fix your network adapter priority in Vista – through manage your network connections > Advanced > advanced settings

now I looked and couldn’t see the advanced menu, until I clicked Organize (sic) > layout > menubar to reveal that old style windows favourite grey banner of helpfulness.

then just a simple matter of navigating to the advanced setting dialogue box and adjusting priorities as James suggests.

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4 Responses to Network Adapter Proritisation on Vista

  1. Scythe says:

    Thanks for this little useful piece of info!

  2. alasdairford says:

    no probs scythe, really only standing on James’ shoulder :)

  3. Phil says:

    Thanks for your explanation of how to get to the advanced settings (I have enough grey hairs already!)

  4. Shane says:

    Yes, sadly, this does not fix the problem. If you are using a wireless connection, then plug the wired connection in, even if the advanced settings are configured correctly, the machine will still transfer over wireless unless you perform a restart…

    most annoying.

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