BT Wholesale to introduce a nationwide 24 Mbits broadband service

BT Wholesale Broadband Connect to be available from early next year

BT confirmed a whole raft of proposed price drops in their wholesale broadband portfolio. this will affect most ISPs and allow them to provide more cost effective services with wholesale prices falling to as low as £6.39+VAT  per month in some exchange  areas.

alongside this announcement Cameron Rejali, managing director for products and strategy, BT Wholesale also revealed the roll out plans for broadband connect which leverages BT’s 21CN to provide very high speed Internet access nationwide.

These reductions only apply to capacity or usage based service providers (a commercial model where costs are  borne either by way of a higher fat pipe rental at the ISP head end or based on a per kbyte per user charge)

There’s a change in the way the fat pipe is charged as well, benefiting from a reduction in fixed rental but introducing a user based charge.

Smaller implementations based on standard charging  (such as those made by  corporates to provide private broadband networks to home users) will benefit from a smaller discount.

all you service  providers out there will need to look at upgrading your pipes to cope with all this demand – that or look at torrent technology to turn your users into distributors :)

I’m not exacting massive retail price drops in response to this as margins are tight out there anyway especially for the monoplay operators. this is going to make calculating a commercial offering a lot more variable than it is at the moment.

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