Using Blogging like Napster

or the power of accidental social networking

Way back  when before it became a pay to use service and Lars Ulrich and the Metallica muppets completely missed the point I  used to love Napster.

Yes I like many people stole a bit of music, well I actually used it to download most of my vinyl library as MP3s – convenience really I could rip vinyl to MP3 if I wanted to but I’m lazy when technology can help me out.

Far from Napster making me steal more  music it actually used to drive CD sales for me as when I’d downloaded a file or two I’d then make the point of browsing the users other files to glean silent recommendations for other music I might like, download a few and  then buy the CD if it was worthy of my appreciation.

I use blogging in a very similar fashion, when reading  Steve’s or Eileen’s or Jason’s  or James and Kevin’s Blogs, I’m a bit of a click bandit in that I’ll often  follow the link to a commenter’s blog.

It’s a fair bet that there’s some overlap of interest with the commenter, especially with the more specific blogs,  more often than not there’s a post worth commenting on and also there are usually other interesting parallel themes or occasionally tangential ones.

This is where tabbed browsing really comes into it’s own – if you open a link in a new tab you’ve got a history of how you got where you are right there in front of you.

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