Orange SPV E650 Hands on – first impressions

initial feelings about the new Orange Handset

I’d have to say I’m very impressed, the overall feel of the device is one of very high quality and the matt black finish is great – I suspect it’ll withstand a few bangs.

Call quality is spot on – much better than the c500 and better than the c600

The keyboard action is great – didn’t really get the semi automatic until I tried it – essentially you give it a little push and it does the rest – accompanied by quite an annoying tone which I will kill when I find out where it lives. the board is very usable, smaller keys than the m3100 but even so perfectly adequate even for my spade like fingers.

The screen is fantastic a good 25-30% brighter than the c600 and appears significantly bigger so big in fact I can’t stop pressing it as it really looks like it should be a touch screen. The devices are comparable in footprint although the E650 is slightly thicker, wider and weightier but still passes the shirt top pocket test

The biggest surprise so far is the expansion MicroSD slot is external and Orange have included a 128 Mbytes card in the bundle.

I’ve set up the Bluetooth PAN as suggested by Jason  however  the much vaunted WM6 is much better at juggling connections feature didn’t work, when a call was received I could take it and the PAN seemed to stay connected but I couldn’t access the Internet properly until I disconnected and reconnected the modem on the device – more of this later.

I’ve actually got a massive smile on my face – it’s a great bit of kit looking forward to putting it through it paces.

[EDIT] actually on reflection the best surprise is that when you go to install an app you have 52 Mbytes  to spare on the phone itself – a massive massive improvement on previous SPVs

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4 Responses to Orange SPV E650 Hands on – first impressions

  1. Guy Adams says:

    Sounds excellent so fair.

    It makes the waiting now even harder.

    Guy (a fellow Nottingham lad)

  2. fanatical says:

    keep your eye on the blog Guy I’ll be posting more later – I’m loving this device, if the performance over time lives up to the first impressions then Orange have got a real winner on their hands

  3. Guy Adams says:

    I too didnt like the idea of keyboards mainly due to the size of the devices, but this is around the same size as my current imate SP5 device and yet has a bigger screen and a qwerty keyboard. I dont normally get excited about new windows mobile devices because of the same form factor but this….wow

    Will there be any demos at Orange shops yet?

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