Living with the E650 part II

Second in a series of observations on Orange’s latest SPV

i’ve found a bug in the software, not sure whether it’s my device, Orange specific or a wider glitch in all S710 devices so any feedback would be welcome:

The find as you type outlook search is great however when you use the keyboard to input search letters as opposed to the keypad the dual function number keys on the board act like they’re on the pad. So if you hit the c/7 key on the board it actually inputs 7/p/q/r/s.
I’ve let Orange know and they are looking into it.

That said it’s not a massive problem.

Posted using blogmailr from my E650

I’d tag this but although WM6 supports html mail it unfortunately doesn’t support the features in composition

[EDIT] removed corporate email signature thoughtfully added by internal IS determined to identify the company I work for – oops the perils of blogmailr

[EDIT] WM6 does support html features in composition but ONLY IF YOUR IS DEPT HAS UPGRADED THE FRONT END SERVER TO EXCHANGE 2007 like they said they had grrrrrr


3 Responses to Living with the E650 part II

  1. Guy Adams says:

    So far so good, loving the regular updates.

  2. maz says:

    Love the review and the updates. Great work.

  3. fanatical says:

    cheers Maz – appreciated – overall it’s a great piece of kit – well worth the wait


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