HTC announce official Windows Mobile 6 Upgrades for their range

Upgrades Will be available from June with the associated lag for operator take up  This via solopalmari (great Italian practice) HTC have announced the official upgrade policy for their range of handhelds  the statement indicates that the following HTC devices will be supported by official Windows Mobile 6  upgrades:

HTC Advantage,

HTC Tytn,  

HTC P3300

HTC P4350. 

HTC S620

Some of our operator-branded devices. that use of the word some worries me …… the official statement is as follows

Windows Mobile 6: upgrade strategy statement

Microsoft recently unveiled Windows Mobile ® 6, which offers improved usability and more PC-like functionality than previously available. Enhancements include the ability to view emails in rich HTML format, and to manage emails quickly and easily through new shortcuts and new calendar views.

The HTC S710 is one of the first Windows Mobile® 6 devices to ship, and will be followed by a range of products based on the new operating system in the coming months.

HTC is also offering WM6 upgrades for the most popular devices in its current range. This includes recently launched “messaging” products, which will enjoy the greatest benefits of Windows Mobile 6, such as the HTC Advantage, the HTC TyTN, the HTC S620, and the HTC P4350.

The upgrade will also be available for the award-winning HTC P3300, plus some of our operator-branded devices. The upgrades will be rolled out from June, in line with our operator partners’ strategies. You’ll be able to find the latest releases as they’re made available at:


Why have these devices been chosen?

We have chosen devices with a particular focus on “messaging”, where users will enjoy the greatest benefits of Windows Mobile 6 (the HTC Advantage, the HTC TyTN, the HTC S620, and the HTC P4350). The upgrade will also be available for the award-winning HTC P3300. 

Will other devices be added?

Potentially. We’re in constant discussions with our operator partners, and if they’re seeing significant demand from their customers for a specific device then we will always consider it. 

When will the upgrade be available?

The upgrades will be rolled out from April. 

I’ve heard that [operator] is not offering the upgrade. Why is that? Can their customers get the upgrade from HTC direct?

It’s really up to the operators to decide how, or indeed whether, to offer the upgrade, so you’d need to speak to them. HTC is only directly offering upgrades for its own brand devices.

Will consumers have to pay upgrade license fees?

 No – the usual licence upgrade fees are being waived.

How much of a difference will users notice with the new operating system?

Windows Mobile 6 delivers the ability to view e-mails in their original rich HTML format with live links to Web and Sharepoint® sites, which means text and images are displayed as they would be on a PC, and are available from a corporate e-mail server such as Exchange Server 2007, from Web-based accounts such as Windows Live™ Hotmail or from a myriad of other popular service providers. Windows Mobile 6 also includes Windows Live for Windows Mobile, which provides customers with a rich set of Windows Live services. For example, now through Windows Live Messenger, people can chat with more than one person at one time, express themselves through animated figures, quickly send a file or image, or record and send voice notes.  The newest version of the platform offers the most genuine Microsoft Office system experience in the mobile versions of Office Outlook®, Office Word, Office Excel® and Office PowerPoint® by bringing capabilities once available only on the PC versions of these products to the small screen. This allows users to neatly view, navigate and edit Word documents and Excel spreadsheets in their original formatting, without affecting tables, images or text, and to view PowerPoint presentations on their device. All Windows Mobile 6 powered devices include Direct Push Technology for up-to-date e-mail delivery and automatic synchronization of Outlook calendars, tasks and contacts through Microsoft Exchange Server. Windows Mobile 6 also offers a set of important device security and management features that include the capability to remotely wipe all data from a device should it be lost or stolen, helping ensure that confidential information remains that way.

as always the adoption of it on any MSP device (like my m3100) is down to the MSP themselves – here’s hoping Orange see sense, it’ll keep me and Rob happy at least

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3 Responses to HTC announce official Windows Mobile 6 Upgrades for their range

  1. Guy Adams says:

    ‘I’ve heard that [operator] is not offering the upgrade. Why is that? Can their customers get the upgrade from HTC direct’

    As much as I would love to see the operators offer these upgrades, given the position of the operators in the past (memories of 2003 to 2003 SE) I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    I bet theres thousands of M3100 owners out there hoping and praying over the next few months. Fingers crossed…

  2. fanatical says:

    yeah – Microsoft have chosen a tricky and often unsatisfactory (from the end users point of view ) model and one that causes much grief, we constantly get questions asking why they can’t upgrade from customers.

    it doesn’t help that there’s a load of homebrew ROMs out there not to mention operator eval roms that get leaked – my position is clear ( ) however it really wrankles when you’ve paid a premium for an operator sponsored device and OEMs and cheaper brands get upgrades.

    All this said it’s the first time that Orange will be confronted with a device that they have rebadged that has an official version upgrade from the manufacturer – it’s a big test for them – let’s hope they do the right thing.

  3. Guy Adams says:

    It’s quite an interesting predicament that Orange are going to be left in and I will await their decision with great interest.

    One thing is for sure, it won’t happen fast. If the deployment of the C500 upgrade to fix numerous bugs is anything to go by it’ll be three to four months after other suppliers have made their upgrades available to their customers.

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