The official response to Response Point

what the Unified Communications team really think ( well officially anyway)

I’ve  blogged ad nauseam about my disappointment with Response Point’s route to Market and the missed opportunity I think it represents ( Premature maybe I know as it’s not even this side of the Atlantic yet) and mused about what the UC teams’s position may be on the whole thing.

Eric Swift Senior Director of the Unified Communications group has made this statement. to summarise the position is that the two products are targeted at different customers:

  • RP to small businesses that want to simplify the voice experience by replacing their existing telephone system or installing a new one based on Microsoft Software – a fairly narrow church I would think
  • OCS is designed to enhance the communications capabilities for larger organizations by working with the telephony and networking infrastructure they have, while using the power of software to provide next-generation communications capabilities to users.

as I’ve made clear the lack of LCS / OCS integration absolutely bamboozles me so I’d hope the statement would shed some light on the roadmap that might lead to integration of RP within the UC portfolio. Unfortunately it doesn’t. the closest we have to a comment comes via Oliver Rist over at Infoworld who has attributed  to Jeff Smith the suggestion that :

Response Point wasn’t going to integrate with Small Business Server 2007 when/if that platform shows up post-Longhorn — even though the Exchange 2007 folks are making a big deal about Exchange’s capability to act as voicemail and call aggregator. Apparently, that’s a Response Point 2.0 goal

Eric Swifts statement does nothing to reduce the confusion:

What about the roadmap for the two products?  Will they come together?  The next steps will be based on the evolution of this dynamic market and the feedback we get from customers.  The teams are working closely together so that both the small and large business customers gain the benefits of software-powered VoIP regardless of the offering built for them.


Apparently it’s up to us……. you know my position MICROSOFT RESPONSE POINT MUST INTEGRATE WITH OCS ! ( or LCS or a similar component in the Longhorn SBS variant) and provide unified comm’s on a Microsoft platform to the smaller business.


Come on people – get with the program



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