Living with the Orange SPV E650 part IV

another snippet for your delectation

I’ve just discovered quick shortcuts for emails :) well actually I knew about them before however I’ve just started using them, the mark read key is a godsend

When in an email account press and hold 0 for an aide memoire


When you’re in your email account just press and hold the relevant key to get the appropriate function.

You can use these both from the message list and when within a specific message.

a little aside on the HTML email access, the document that Jason posted to compare WM5.0 & 6 and when Exchange 2007 adds functionality suggests that you don’t need Exchange 2007 to get HTML mail – it appears you do :(

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10 Responses to Living with the Orange SPV E650 part IV

  1. Doug says:


    Interesting tips. Where do you get this info? I have the SPV E650 (à la française) and they don’t put any of this in the manual.

    How do you make the screenshots?



  2. fanatical says:

    Hi Doug – jason Langridge is the font of all knowledge mobile wise – a lot of the tips I’ve gleaned from him over time, however you’ll find some more on the rest of my blog . there’s also a product guide that Jason posted about at :

    which is pretty useful.

    to take the screen shots I use Soti Pocket Controller Pro ( which also allows video recording – it’s a great demo tool – you can try it on a 4 day trial but at $34 it’s a bit of a steal

  3. Doug says:

    I’m trying Soti Pocket Controller Pro out. I can’t type anything with my keyboard though. perhaps there is a problem with the basic Orange SPV skin that I’ve selected. Which one are you using?


  4. fanatical says:

    Hi Doug do you mean the keypad or the pull out keyboard ?

    as there isn’t a skin model for the Vox / E650 I’m just using SCP in window mode – I haven’t tried it with the keyboard as yet.

    there shouldn’t be a problem as the keypad input is common on all smartphones – it may be that it’s a WM6 issue ?

    I’ve got a TyTN (well SPV m3100) which I’ll havea look at in skin mode and see what I can get out of the keyboard and report back


    {EDIT} the keypad works ok when using the c600 skin – you can’y use the action buttton though

  5. John says:

    Having real problems with Orange E650 freezing up all the time. On my 3rd handset in 10 days, same of problem I have to turn eth phone on and off about 6 times a day if I edit a contact or calendar item. Anyone had similar problems as this phone is a disaster

  6. fanatical says:

    hi John
    I’ve not had freezing problems, I do have some application crashes when the phone has a low battery but it has always recovered with no loss of data (thankfully) I’ve only rebooted once in three weeks when the phone refused to reconnect after being out of service for a couple of hours – mine at least seems a lot more stable than my old c600

  7. Martin says:

    Hi John
    We have two SPV E650s and have replaced them once. IE we’ve now tested four and all had the same problems – If you put an appointment in the calendar you can’t access contacts and sometimes opposite. Won’t make a sound for appointment reminders and often won’t allow letters insead of numbers. Cant send emails either (used to be able to). I’ve given up and thinking of trying an SPV M700 (same OS) but worried problems are with Windows Mobile rather than phone. Or maybe a Nokia E65, safer? Any thoughts anyone.

  8. alasdairford says:

    Martin I posted about a glitch in the software which sometimes prevents you accessing keys and only provides the corresponding number key here : no sign of a fix for this yet. I haven’t seen the contacts calendar conflict myself but now you mention it my reminder chime doesn’t remind either …. weird. I’d say it’s device specific rather than OS and remember the M700 runs Windows Mobile 5.0 not Windows Mobile 6

  9. Chris says:


    I have the problem when going into a calendar entry or a text message numbers instead of letters come up and i have to try 2 or 3 times before it works. It is ridiculous and you are the first user i have heard having this problem too. Considering it is a smartphone, it is not very smart……

  10. richard says:

    Anyone had any problems connecting the E650 to a Vista Premium computer? Will not recognize eben after rebooting, re-installing etc

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