Living with the Orange SPV E650 part V

a first grumble

I’ve blogged about the glitch I discovered the other day when using the find as you type on the keyboard.

I’ve found a grumble – you can’t seem to change the home page of pocket Internet explorer – you’re stuck with windows live search. grrrrr

I hate this kind of imposition – I’m sure that there’s a reg hack somewhere in there and I’ll have a rummage providing resco explorer works  however it’s an eval handset so I’m wary of too much modding.

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[EDIT: Resco Reg editor 2005 does work on WM6  –  in the registry there’s no explicit home / start page key I can find but there is an entry in HKCU\software\Microsoft\Internet explorer\main for search page. There’s also a startmenu option in HKCU\software\Microsoft\shell but I’ve not messed around with them]


6 Responses to Living with the Orange SPV E650 part V

  1. b wants one says:

    early reviews for the htc s710 said ms office files could only be read but the orange e650 press release quoted around the traps says (under “key features”) “Create and edit Microsoft Word and Excel® and PowerPoint® documents”

    what’s your experience and your create / edit documents on the e650 and does this look like an orange specific enhancement or a s710 standard feature


  2. nice fone says:

    does it have spellchecker in outlook mobile? , I don’t think WinMob 6 Std has it for word

  3. fanatical says:

    hi b
    put the inclusion ofthe create option down to another typo from Orange you categorically cannot create documents – I use the workaround that Jason suggests here: which involves creating read only blank word and excel using Office on the desktop, ( not docx or xlsx as these are not yet supported by WM6 :( ) making the docs read only and dropping them onto the device via explore in Activesync / WMDC

    it’s a it of a fudge but it’s OK, tbh i tend to view and edit more on WM6 std I wouldn’t normally attempt to produce anything longer than an email on my smart device.

    I’m trying to get hold of an HTC Advantage to test how functional that is as a laptop complement / replacement – keep reading :)

    as my E650 is still an eval device I have yet to try the modaco donew app


  4. fanatical says:

    hi nice fone I can’t find any spell checking at all whether in word or Outlook – in outlook mobile xT9 ( extended T9 predictive text) tends to take care of this problem however I still haven’t found a way to simply add a word like the ‘Add word’ function in WM5 T9 which is a pain – (I’ll post a few screenies later to illustrate what I mean )

  5. Bernard says:

    Hi – I have just got this phone and am having the same problem with finding the Add Word when entering text, did you find it?


  6. fanatical says:

    hi Bernard – unfortunately not – I may have to resort to reading the manual :( – I’ve got used to it – only took a week or two so I now use abc instead of xT9 when first enteringa word – it seems a silly omission but IIRC T9 is an AOL patent so perhaps we’re being a bit optomistic assuming that extended T9 woudl actually be better in every way ;)


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