RIM announces new Blackberry Application Suite for Windows Mobile 6

Give them enough Blackberry flavoured Rope ?

this via the::unwired

Research in Motion (RIM) the makers of  Blackberry have announced Blackberry Application Suite  for Windows Mobile based devices. BAS is planned  to provide a rich Blackberry application environment on Windows Mobile devices.

BAS will appear as a standard app in the programs list and will extend access to Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) for corporates and Blackberry Internet Services to WM devices.

It’s a very interesting move and one that completes the move of Blackberry from the company that co-CEO James Balsillie   described as ‘a niche device player‘ back in 2005 to a software services company in 2007.

the  plan is that BAS will expand the penetration of Blackberry services to Windows Mobile devices which Microsoft must view as a massive fillip to WM sales as if you have Domino or GroupWise in the enterprise you can now have a slinky WM 6 device that adds easy application development  to your BES access.

over time all it can do is drive Windows Mobile Sales and as Jason intimates it’ll make the transition from BES to Exchange Activesync all the more attractive and a natural progression.

I can’t help feeling that Blackberry may have shot themselves in the foot.

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