Office Mobile – Standard or Professional – Part I Word Mobile

you need to have a reason to buy Windows Mobile Professional – Right?

I’ve had comments and a couple of emails asking about functions on the E650. The E650 despite it’s natty design is a Windows Mobile Standard ( e.g. smartphone ) device, there are distinct differences of functionality in the Office Mobile suite between  WM standard and WM professional devices which are summarised in the following table

Word Mobile  
Professional Standard
Document opens in Edit mode  Has two modes : View and Edit
Create New Documents  Cannot Create New Documents
Font formatting can be done
(has Font Dialog) 
No Font Dialog
Paragraph formatting can be done  No Paragraph formatting
Toolbar is present  No Toolbar
Create New Numbered and
Bulleted List
Cannot Create New lists
Has tools such as spelling check,
word count,and insert date
No tools
Cut/Copy/Paste functions No Cut/Copy/Paste
Default zoom level is 100%  Default zoom level is 75%
No different scrolling modes  Page scroll and line scroll

the create new documents is the biggest bugbear – it seems a little stingy and as there are already workarounds for this it seems a little pointless to omit it.

hopefully this will be addressed in the patch that  provides office 2007 compatibility to WM6 devices when it’s launched later this year.

I suppose that we have to look at this as a positive as at least we have some (if compromised) native Office functionality on Standard devices now – saves installing third party applications.

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