Office Mobile – Standard or Professional – Part II Excel Mobile

More reasons to buy Windows Mobile Professional?

The same treatment for Excel Mobile

Excel Mobile  
Professional  Standard
Only one mode  Separate View and Edit Mode
Sheet Overview not available  Overview Feature available
Cell Text not available  Cell Text Feature available
Accelerate Scrolling not available  Accelerate Scrolling
Page Up and Down with 2 and 8 keys not available Page Up and Down with 2 and 8 keys for Power users
Save and Save As both available  Only Save As available
(No direct Save)
File opens in Normal Mode  File opens in Full Screen Mode
File Delete is available from Opened file  File Delete is not available
AutoFilter is available  AutoFilter is not available
Modify Sheets option is available  Not available
Clear Formats/Contents/All options available  Clear Cell All only available
Cell Right/Left/Center indent available  Not available
Row/Column Auto-fit available  Not available
Paste Special available  Not available
the file is modified, clicking OK closes with Saving changes If the file is modified, selecting File > Close checks if the changes need to be saved
Insert/Modify/Delete Chart available  Only View Chart available
Toolbar available  Toolbar not available
Row/Column Headings and Scrollbars can be turned On/Off Not available
Beam option is available inside the application  Beam option not available
Rename/move option available  Not available
Revert to Save Option is available all the unsaved changes and reopen the last(this will drop saved version of the file) Not available
Rows and columns resizing is available  Not available


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