Lest we forget – part I

an occasional series exposing just how spoilt we are today

I’m a big fan of the blog of James and Kevin it’s a great resource for the latest and sometimes greatest  (?) in mobile technology – I certainly get freebie envy as they seem to be inundated with stuff.

The blog has a great example of an enticing strapline (using mobile devices since they weighed 30 lbs) and inspired by this I’ve decided to get on with showing my pile of rubbish accumulated mobility solutions. 

I’ve also been inspired by the fact that some of the internal IS guys were whinging they could only get 17 Mbits from their broadband – me I remember leaving the PC on dialed in overnight to download the 17 Mbytes of Mozilla when I moved from CompuServe to Pipex and the web proper… oooh they don’t know they’re born :|

like most geeks I accumulate old technology but to my wife’s eternal gratitude I’ve been disposing of bits and bobs ( I kept the CPU and BIOS ROM of my first IBM compatible PC – I couldn’t part with all of it ) I have however been backfilling the mobile solutions I have used over the years similar to the way I have been backfilling my vinyl on MP3.

I call it my trailing edge technology – it has to have been the pinnacle or close to it when launched but has bounced off the leading edge and is tumbling of the trailing edge when I catch it :)

so first is an occasional series 1994….. the Toshiba T1910CS and the Motorola 3200 GSM :


The Tosh sports a 386sx 33 processor and a whopping 110 Mbytes HDD, 8 Mbytes of RAM it’s runs Windows for workgroups 3.11.

the Motorola 3200 is a single band GSM phone with a capacious 100 alpha numeric memories – no data capabilities and a battery life (from memory) of 12 hours with at most 60 mins talk time , it can RECEIVE point to point short message service messages (texts to you and me) but not send them :)


I’ve seen this described as the first GSM phone – certainly in the UK it was preceded by a Panasonic model whose name escapes me. and yes it is active on Cellnet – it  requires an old SIM with a squarer smart chip – the newer SIMs with oval chips with rounder edges require less power and this phone doesn’t recognise them.

The whole kit and caboodle – excluding accessories weighs in at 8 lbs (17.6 kg)  spare batteries  would add a touch more so we could be pushing 20 kg –  the 3200 is mine IIRC it cost about £300 at the time, the Tosh cost me a sandwich and a can of pop.

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3 Responses to Lest we forget – part I

  1. fanatical says:

    obviously Cellnet is now O2 – shame the poor old 3200 doesn’t realise :)

  2. fanatical says:

    thankfully no one has commented on what an idiot I am as 8lbs is 3 1/2 kg so we might push 4 kg – DOH,

    I’m going backward not forwards with the next post so we might be pushing the JK envelope :) – I’ve a few more treats up my hugely capacious sleeve (well in the loft actually)

  3. fanatical says:

    Ron P’s posted a correction for the specs for the Tosh over on JKontherun
    ( http://jkontherun.blogs.com/jkontherun/2007/04/mobile_wayback_.html ) –
    I’m going to sort out th e PSU and find out the definitive

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