Living with the Orange E650 – part VI

more about the latest Orange SPV

well over a week in and I’ve found a really really really annoying feature and I can’t find a way to change it – help anyone?

I use voice dialing quite a lot – it’s much easier when in the car and as I type this I have my Jabra Bluetooth headset in my ear to keep two hands free – it’s a bit Nathan Barley but hey two hands like two monitors is the best way forward :).

on the C600 when you press the Jabra button to get voice dialing you get a discrete tone and with the latest ROM update you get the voice tag played back as the hone dials – on the E650 you get this the first tone is the dulcet pressing of the voice activation key the second one is the ear splitting speak after me prompt and the double tone is the error – it’s so annoying – I use this a lot and I could really do with being able to change this – it’s fine when using the phone on loudspeaker but it’s deafening in the headset – help!

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