LiveWriter Beta 2

May 31, 2007

Windows Live Writer enters it’s 2nd Beta available NOW!


I’ve been using Livewriter as my blogging tool of choice for a while now, I’ve installed a couple of plug-ins, notably the insert flickr image plug-in and I had hoped to add tag4writer to manage my technorati tags which until now I’d been manually inputting but I couldn’t find a working link …. so imagine my delight to discover that Beta 2 has the functionality built right in oh and also in line spell check.

not sure if I like the fact that categories have dropped to the foot of the page but hey I’ll get used to it

by the way the existing plug-ins migrated quite nicely thanks

snag it via here  easy peasy


Exchange 2007 and Windows Mobile 6 feature matrix

May 30, 2007

Windows Mobile 5.0 & 6 with exchange 2007 from an Exchange perspective

This Deep Dive into Windows Mobile 6.0 and Exchange Server 2007 from the exchange team blog is essentially a rehash of the Jason’s earlier post  but from an exchange perspective ( of course ).

The post has the benefit of showing just the WM6 and Exchange 2007 synergies and also of actually showing the comparative glory of HTML mail on a WM5.0, a  WM 6 and an Outlook client which is a useful illustration.

The biggest message to take away is that the deployment of an Exchange 2007 server in the Client Access Server (CAS) role (what we used to call a front end server)  is not enough to enable the advanced functionality.

The WM6 functionality is dependent on the version of exchange the mailbox server is running not the front end server. This is different from the Exchange 2000 / 2003 mixed environment.

Be very careful here as I also hear from our deployment teams that the Exchange 2007 CAS in an Exchange 2003 environment is over complex and doesn’t quite do what it says on the tin, at least not without a bit of tweaking.

there seems to be an error as I can definitely make use of Fetchmail ( inline message fetch ) to download the remainder of the message from within the message on my E650 which is connecting to a Exchange 2003 production environment.

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coming soon…..

May 29, 2007

watch this space ..awaiting some gizmos for evaluation

 I’m waiting on a couple of devices for evaluation, one for my own purposes ( the HP iPAQ 514 Voice Messenger which has been available to resellers, pre release, NFR since Friday ) I’ve talked about the UMA capabilities of this  device which is my primary interest,  however I  had discussions last week about a few of it’s other HP enhancements to Windows Mobile 6 functionality and these have quite excited me. I’ll let you know what they are if they live up to expectations later.

the other device is provided to me as as guest reviewer on another tech blog – can’t say much but more on this later but I’m looking forward to trying out a slider for a change ;).

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the Joys of flexible working

May 25, 2007

making up for national work at home day


I’m hard at work in the fresh air  connected via WiFi to provide some much needed oxygen to flush my head of the side effects of our National Sales kick off yesterday.

now if I can just stop these bells ringing :)

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Google as an MVNO – Bigger than the Google Cellphone

May 23, 2007

something to really worry about ?

rumours are rife regarding the  entry of Google into the UK as a  mobile virtual network operator

Ewan over at SMS Text News suggests that the MNO will be o2 citing unnamed mobile industry insiders as his source. there’s a little excitement about this and mixed responses .

The concept of an advertising driven free / flat rate/ low cost offering is certainly exciting but I am very uneasy about this.

historically there has been great deal of suspicion over Microsoft’s apparent domination of Operating System and Applications however the fear of this supposed monopoly was as nothing to the fear that Google as network owner operator and owner of search should engender.

personally I think that this is a fantastic development for Google’s bank balance however based on their censorship and capitulating to abusive governments in markets they want to get into it’s a really bad development for net freedom and access to free unbiased information on the move.

I for one will not be participating.

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living with the E650…. update

May 22, 2007

first forced reboot …… over a month in

Well it happened today, the first freeze……

The combination of factors was using  Microsoft Voice Command to make a call to my voicemail using a Jabra Bluetooth headset whilst the phone was locked.

Reasonable battery strength so the little glitches I’ve seen when power is low can’t really be blamed, anyway the device locked – the voicemail standard prompts were audible so the call was still in progress but the keypad was unresponsive. 

no joy with the power button so off came the back and… you know what? ….. I couldn’t immediately work out how to dislodge the battery.  a testament to the fact this the first time this has happened since I’ve had the E650 – not bad, over a month over uninterrupted operation.  a great improvement.

bearing in mind I do actually try to break  mess around with these things I’m quite impressed.

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m3100 staying on Windows Mobile 5.0???

May 22, 2007

will Orange bend to consumer pressure or not?

Jason has been announcing updates all day  from ASUS & Samsung however a worrying conversation I’ve had with an Orange insider has cast doubt on the likelihood of the HTC TyTN update to WM6 making it to the m3100 (officially)……. which will annoy me no end.

It seems that the recent AKU 3.0 update may have distracted the product teams and that its now possible that the Windows Mobile 6.0 upgrade will not be available before the next range of native WM6 devices appears on the Orange shelves.  The overlap casts doubt on whether the project will get started or maintain the necessary focus, as obviously the MNO wants to sell more equipment.

As I’ve said before this is a big test of the Windows Mobile licensing model as,  if I remember correctly, this is the the first time there will be official (as opposed to homebrew or leaked)  major Upgrade ROMs for manufacturer versions of OEM / licenced devices.  

MNOs (and not just Orange) need to be very wary of alienating their customers. 

I’ve sent some more feelers out into Orange land and I’ll post more as soon as I hear anything, here’s hoping it’s not true.

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